Buffer tanks

Buffer tank

In simple terms, a buffer tank is a tank used to store water, predominantly warm water. That means it's important that this water storage tank uses your heating system in the most efficient way.

The appropriate size and content for the buffer tank will be determined by Remue bvba depending on the full heating set-up in your company. This will make sure that no heat or energy will be lost!

Efficient heat retention

Does your CHP produce electricity? Heat that you don't need straight away? Then you can either let this heat be lost, or you can save it in a buffer tank and use it later!

With such efficient heat retention you can limit the total capacity of your installation, and avoid overcapacity. Naturally the buffer tank also works in other installations where excess heat can occur.

Construction kits now also available

You can come to us for complete buffer tank construction kits, including instructions and plans. Our construction kits are made entirely in-house and meet the strictest quality standards.

We prepare your kit, you provide the transport. It's up to you whether you manage the construction yourself or if you prefer one of our supervisors to come and help!

Quality and experience

20 years of top quality

Remue bvba applies the strictest quality standards. Our buffer tanks are designed to meet the specified needs easily, whatever the conditions. Nothing is left to chance. We also set high standards when it comes to welding. Quality and safety are indeed our key priorities.

ROCKWOOL is what we choose to insulate our free-standing heat storage tanks. The body is covered with corrugated sheeting and the top is fitted with flat plates. Insulation plates are of course available in a number of standard RAL colours.

Proven expertise

Remue bvba is the real specialist in buffer tanks. In Belgium and far beyond. Customers come to us from every continent with their needs in both warm water storage and cold water storage for cooling. We offer a very wide experience across the globe.

Our buffer tanks are produced according to the latest standards and methods. We manufacture within a specific vacuum (6 Mb) and pressure (generally 30 Mb). That's how we can build tanks of up to 5 million litres! You'll have no worries when it comes to maintenance or should any repairs be necessary. Remue bvba is there to help.